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Become a Hollywood Actors Studio Member!


Becoming a studio member is a prestigious disctinction following in the tradition of the famous New York Actor's Studio which Eric Stone beame an Honorary Member in 1981. It allowed him to work with other studio members and of course Lee Strasberg was the teacher at the time.

The Actor's Studio

The Hollywood Actors Studio has 2 types of memberships. Honorary and Associate. All Hollywood Actors Studio Honorary Members are performers and/or professionals in the entertainment industry. To become an Honorary Member you must be invited personally by either Eric Stone or Brad Heller.

To become an Associate Member you must first be interviewed by Eric Stone or Brad Heller. You can apply as well. Upon a successful interview and viewing of your work, you then will be recommended for Associate membership status. As an Associate member, you get to be recommended for projects cast at the studio or recommended when studio is contacted by industry professionals. Quite a few directors, casting directors or producers ask for "personal" referrals from us, rather than go through a long tedious "cattle call." It gives us at the Studio a wonderful chance to talk about actors and performers we know more specifically. We do not recommend anyone we do not know, hence the value of the Studio Membership. To apply please contact Kimberly Lemons to request an interview with Eric or Brad.

You'll have a profile page on the studio Actor Bankô home page with a picture, bio, resume and contact info. You also get a recommendation on your Hollywood Actors Studio profile page written by Eric Stone or Brad Heller.

Benefits: The advantages and benefits of becoming a studio member: (1)You will be featured on Hollywood Actors Studio official web site. (2)You will be promoted on the web site as a "recommended" member. (3)You will have priority status for all casting projects contracted by Hollywood Actors Studio and its various industry affiliations.(4) You will have access to our rehearsals facility at reduced membership rates. (5)You will also have access to our casting files if you are casting or producing a project. (6) You will have your profile on our web site including picture, resume, bio, and contact info.

Promotional Packages Download complete info on our promotional packages

Honorary yearly membership fee: $50

Application for Associate member status and yearly membership cost: $90

Can be paid by check, cash, credit card or PayPal.

To apply call Kimberly Lemons at (917) 310-0851 or (917) 310-0851 and request an interview with Eric Stone or Brad Heller. You can also e-mail Kimberly Lemons


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Eric Stone Performing

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