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Enrollment Application for All Programs
Congratulations for having decided to study with Hollywood Actors Studio!

Hollywood Actors Studio offers acting, communication skills, self-expression and public speaking programs from beginners to full-time professionals.We fully encourage self-expression, creativity and commitment to the craft of acting, performing and public speaking. We deliver the tools and techniques which bring lasting advancements in artistic growth and development, personal effectiveness and powerful communication. People who participate in these programs access and express what makes them unique. Please take a few minutes to fill this form and answer specifically what you intend to produce out of your participation in our programs.

Download Hollywood Actors Studio Application


Please be sure to fill out all required fields. These fields are bolded in red. The form cannot be processed unless you fill them out. Thank you!

Please select your level: Beginner
Choose Your Program(s)
review them here:
Weekly Class in Los Angeles (Serious beginner to full-time pro.)
Scene Study,Character Develoment, Improvs, Cold Reading & Performance
Private Training in Hollywood or Phone Coaching in Acting, Career Marketing and Voice-Overs
Private Weekend Intensives with Eric Stone-Fly to Hollywood Program
Two-day Intensive outside Los Angeles
Voice-over Training with Eric Stone
Public Speaking Training
Casting and Exposure Opportunities
Studio Memberships and Featured Actor Promotion
    | Ground Rules |    Fees  |     | Curriculum  |    
Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Name 
Stage Name (If Applicable):
Address (Street/PO Box):
City/State and Zip:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell/Pager Phone: 
Email Address:
Internet Address: 
Birth Date (Month/Day/Year): 
Union Affiliation (SAG, AFTRA, AEA, AGVA, Other)
Where did you hear about Hollywood Actors Studio:
Have you ever studied acting regularly?
How Long: 
Are you pursuing acting, performing or public speaking as a profession?
If not for what purpose do you intend to use professional acting skills?
With whom have you trained as actor/public speaker/ other and how long:

Which of these teachers or techniques are you familiar with?

Uta Hagen
Herbert Berghof
Lee Strasberg

Sandy Meisner
Stella Adler
Alexander Technique
Method Acting
Michael Chekhov

Please list (If Applicable) your most important film TV or theater credits:

Please list all talents, skills, or special trainings (ex. Ballet, karate, chef, model, skier ...) that you do well:

What qualities do you look for in a coach:

Did you ever have a negative experience with a coach/teacher? Would you care to explain what happened? How did you resolve the incident?

Who are some of your favorite actors & actresses and why?

What other professional ambitions do you have besides acting?

Please list all of your short, mid- and long-term goals as an individual. Please be as specific as possible

Have you ever experienced excellent coaching in any discipline? Why do you think the expertise of a good coach is important?

What is your educational background?

List your professional & personal achievements and any awards you have received:

Are you currently in therapy?
Are you in good health?
Have you ever been hospitalized for psychiatric care or mental disorder?
Are you in good physcial condition?
Please take a moment to ask yourself what specific, tangible results you would like to accomplish out of your participation in the Hollywood Actors Studio programs. The Studio offers unique tools, challenges and opportunities in the areas of self-expression, creativity and communication. Please be as specific and thorough as you can in answering.

Please take your time in answering the following questions. Please expand on them at will. Give us your personal points of view in detail.
You are a person who is willing to experience success.
You possess good communication skills.
You are willing to take constructive coaching and make it work for you.
You are willing to grow and develop.
You are willing to commit the time and energy necessary to succeed at your goals.
You surround yourself with positive influences and people who support your vision.
When results do not come instantly, you possess the tenacity and endurance to stay committed to your goals.
  | What it Takes |  Eric on Teaching |   | Background Distinctions  |  
Your $45.00 one-time registration must be included. You can call it in 24 hours a day at 1-(917) 310-0851.
By completing and submiting your application, you agree to the terms and conditions contained in this form and in the Studio Ground Rules. You credit card must be valid and will be charged a registration fee for which there is no refund. You will be contacted regarding the programs you are interested in starting.

By checking these boxes, you declare that you have read and agree with the terms contained in the two documents below:
Hollywood Actors Studio Ground Rules           Letter of Understanding
Type of Credit Card: We accept Visa/Mastercard, Amex, Discover and PayPal: Pay with PayPal
Credit Card Number: 
Expiration Date on your Credit Card:
Name on Card: 
Today's Date: 

If paying by check or money order, send payment to our mailing address:

Hollywood Actors Studio: P.O. Box 57-04-41 Tarzana, CA 91357 USA

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