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You are invited to participate in dynamic professional ONLINE
acting training with master coach Eric Stone.

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Actors at Work at the Studio

Listen to a sample Key Principles of Modern Acting: The Heart of Acting is Relaxation:

Feel free to contact us as we'd like to know as much as possible about actors and performers seriously interested in developing their skills and grow their talent. For more details or simply E-Mail Us!

Hollywood Actors Studio offers ONLINE training ONLY at this point, please feel free to contact us and get clear on what's available when you train with us. There are no obligations. Eric prefers to speak with an actor before you begin training as he believes it is important to work with the right chemistry and the "right coach."

We no longer offer FREE AUDITS. Please let us know if you are being recommended by an industry professional.

We train people online at this point and no longer offer regular classes.

Please call the studio and someone will assist you. Our office number is (323) 986-6363. Eric and Amy Stone are also available by appointment.

This program trains actors for the professional arenas of film, television series, soaps, sitcoms, and stage. What people say about our training. This format is a professional open ended format and people can enter anytime. This format allows for personal growth and development at your own pace. All major distinctions and techniques are covered in depth and rotated so actors keep growing within a flexible and organic structure.

This is a very supportive, encouraging and vigorous class where actors are challenged and empowered to become free independent creative artists on their own terms. Actors develop at their own pace and are encouraged to be bold in ideas, courageous in taking chances and tenacious to acquire a seamless, solid and lasting technique. When often the average person fancies him/herself an actor, this particular development class aims at taking the myth out of the false notion that acting is easy and that as long as you look "natural" all falls into place. While the average person may indeed possess certain useful skills, the refinement necessary to achieve complete authenticity in a given dramatic situation and with flawless integrity and creative intensity, does not come built-in and ready to serve from the everyday citizen.

This program is unique because it covers a complete and necessary spectrum of distinctions which Eric Stone considers the most fundamental in the pursuit of acting as an art form and a career. A thorough scene study, character development and performance skills workshop is also part of the curriculum. Performance workshops are always in the works. See details for performance workshop, and view our performance series photo gallery.

Self-expression, self-esteem, and self-confidence matters in relationship to acting; They are examined in depth via exercises. Pertaining only to the actor, performer and public speaker, issues of personal power and effectiveness are also dealt with extensively during this course. Eric Stone views acting as a physical, experiential and public art form. To exist freely in those realms demands more than a casual interest or even a determined attitude. It takes real courage to be an actor and Eric stands strong to deliver the tools and "heart of the matter" insights to give his students over the years the confidence to succeed. Character work is given particular emphasis, so is relaxation, effortlessness and seamlessness in the actor's work. Script analysis, scene study and Improvisation skills are also developed as an integral part of the programs.

This is a thorough intensive course for the dedicated and willing actor at all levels.

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance registering or need additional info. (323) 986-6363.

Celebrating its 30th Anniversary!


Celebrating its 30th Anniversary!

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