by Chris Borden, Voice Over Artist

Long before I first began to take lessons from Eric, I knew I wanted to be a voice over artist, but I felt I was going nowhere because of the poor instruction I received in the year or so before. I told him what direction I thought I wanted to take, but it was clear after our first session in February I practically needed to start over. Eric took an interest in me immediately by listening to my goals yet promising -- as I requested -- brutal honesty about my abilities.

From the outset, Eric challenged me with new and interesting material as well as routine commercials. Though I was slow to master the skill of acting -- and blissfully unaware of what I was doing -- Eric was patient, patient, patient, week after week, repetition after repetition. If I stank, he told me. As I improved, he let me know, even if it took five or 10 reads to get it "right.'' I never saw a hint of frustration in him, and I always felt he believed in me.

One of the most important connections Eric has taught me is the importance of capturing emotion in voice over and helping me overcome my fears and insecurities, thereby becoming comfortable with putting myself out there as an actor.
By about the fourth or fifth lesson, I felt truly inspired and valued as a potential voice over artist, and I was having FUN. I struggled for weeks to get into myself, but now after only nine sessions, I have learned to let go and just do it. I can credit Eric's unbridled dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm and inspiration for helping me to realize that I do have what it takes and that I will succeed.

Thank you, Eric. You are more than a mere coach; you are a patient, caring and trusting friend. You have changed my life.


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