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Actor's Self Test

Welcome! Over the years, I have developed a thorough and result-oriented Business of Acting Seminar Empowerment Series which, along with training, provides an effective structure for the accomplishment of tangible results in the industry. This Seminar Empowerment Series is more than a "know how" or a presentation of pertinent "data"; It is a realistic & thorough investigation into the "blind spots" that often keep us from results & accomplishment.

Please take a moment to answer these specific questions. This questionnaire is designed as a reality check into important aspects of your pursuits. Pursuit makes the man. Please give yourself plenty of time to answer.

Do you have a picture that represents you strongly. YesNo
Do you have a good professional looking resume? YesNo
Are your headshots & resume reproduced in large numbers? YesNo
Do you have representation? Agent or manager? YesNo
How often do you see them or talk to them? no agent
once a month
2x week
Are you in a thorough consistent acting training? YesNo
Do you read scripts or plays? Do you go to the theatre? Movies? YesNo
Are you in any union, SAG, AFTRA, SEG, AEA, other? YesNo
How many industry people including agents, casting directors, producers know you? None
10 & up
How many industry people including agents, casting directors, producers know your work? None
10 & up
How much money did you make this year acting? None
upto $7,500
upto $25,000
upto $75,000
Over $75,000
How much money did you make last year acting? None
upto $7,500
upto $25,000
upto $75,000
Over $75,000
How long have you been pursuing acting? Just started
1 year
1-3 years
3-10 years
A lifetime
How many auditions have you gone on this year? The past month? The past 3 months? None
Over 30
Do you keep a log of who you know in the business? Do you keep a log on your conversations? YesNo
Do you keep a log of auditions you go on? What was the last job you booked? YesNo
Is your wardrobe appropriate to the pursuit of your career? Is your "look" in demand? YesNo
Do you possess special skills that you practice regularly? Sports, languages...? YesNo
Do you watch the TV shows you might be cast in? Do you know if you're pursuing film, TV, commercials, theatre...? YesNo
How many hours/tasks do you spend/perform a day/week on your acting career? Be specific. Hours
Do you talk about your career? What do you say about it and to whom? YesNo
How many people know that you're pursuing very specific?
Who are the close people who support you in many are there? partner
no one
How many?
Do you have a coach/manager other than yourself who coaches you regularly and manages your progress/manages any breakdowns/problem areas as they occur? YesNo
Are you financially stable? Are you financially stable enough to invest a minimum of $400 per month in your career consistently? YesNo
Do you have time/a life style that permits you to audition/pursue a career? YesNo
If you were offered a series/soap/movie on location for a large sum of money could you leave next week? YesNo
What acting work sources do you presently have or know of? Trade Papers
Casting directors
Film Makers
Are you prepared/willing to move and/or travel to pursue a career? Or go where the work is? YesNo
Do you have a plan? Having a plan makes a huge difference: what is your plan of action? YesNo
How much time a week do you devote planning your career? Hours? Do you schedule that time or act as you go? No plans
1-5 hours
6-10 hours
10 or more hours
How's your health/well being/physical shape? Top form
Very good
Need improvement
Please make a list of sacrifices you're willing to make in order to pursue your acting career. Make a list also of the ones you're not willing to make. Be as specific as possible.

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