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What are some of the individual qualities and attributes I seek in people?
What are the qualities the Studio seeks to develop or reinforce in actors & actresses?

  • Individuals with a sincere commitment to learning and developing their respective craft first and become competent at acting and/or performing.
  • Individuals already competent and able who have achieved a certain level of success and welcome the insights of a good coach to get to the next level of proficiency, ability or simply want to maintain where they're at.
  • People who genuinely recognize the value and benefit of good coaching and plan to use it.
  • People who need a safe and professional ground to hone new skills or brush up on existing ones.
  • People who are open to an honest exploration of themselves in relationship to their craft and are not afraid to work hard, stay open, and assimilate the value of the coaching.
  • Individuals who believe themselves to be talented and desire to further that talent by making it strong and distinct.
  • People who are invested in acting for the long run!
  • People who believe in themselves!
  • People who are willing to learn.
  • People who authentically want to be involved in the acting profession
  • That you give acting, performing or simply expressing yourself your 100% best shot. Get "enrolled" in your potential, your aliveness and your success.
  • Aliveness is a direct function of participation. Art is a function of the necessity to communicate. We're all in communication and forget. Art bridges the gap. It returns us to the essential.
We are seeking people who / who have:
  • An unshakable faith & complete confidence in their talent & ability.
  • The courage and tenacity to stick it out "no matter what".
  • A consistently relentless focus on what is possible rather than what's not.
  • People who visualize and "dwell in possibility".*
  • Develop a big appetite for staying open, vulnerable, available and aware at all costs.
  • People who never cease searching for their unique style and expression and use our coaching to accomplish that.
  • Are in acting for the love of it: fall deeply in love with the art form. "Love the art in yourself, not yourself in art".*
  • Keep on deepening what calls you to lead a life in art. Find where it springs from inside you.
  • Searched for the deep longings that inspire them to create and bring that out in their work.
  • Take their work and themselves seriously as actors but don't forget that "Life is too serious to take seriously".*
  • A willingness to be leaders because... "If you ain't the lead dog the scenery never changes."*
  • Seek the absolutely necessary and essential support system and encouragement in people around them.
  • Protect themselves and their art from anyone or anything that does not support them and their vision.
  • Keep their spark alive and act from it.
  • Find ways to share their deepest feelings and experiences through their work.
  • Above all, people who stay true to themselves.

    * Quotes by Stanislavsky, Emily Dickinson and two anonymous writers

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