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Eric performs Stravinsky A Soldier's Tale

Professional Actor
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 Acting for non-actors

Public Speaking Coach


Eric Stone coaches the stars of Shakespeare's Richard III

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Professional Actor...see resumé here I began watching great stage actors in France as a child. My uncle then heading a national theatre company always hired the best actors. Watching my uncle direct and perform in countless classical and contemporary French, English and American plays was one of my favorite pastimes and completely revolutionized my childhood. He was my first acting teacher. It had a profound and lasting influence on me and greatly opened my mind.

I moved to New York City in 1978 and became a student of Herbert Berghof and Uta Hagen (see her book: Respect for Acting). I stayed with them until '86.  In the meantime, I was made an honorary member of the famous Actors Studio in 1981, which gave me the opportunity to observe and work with Lee Strasberg and studio members. During that time and later in Hollywood, I also studied the Meisner, Michael Chekhov and other important techniques with exceptional teachers and actors such as William Hickey, Judith Unland, Gary Patterson, and Bob McAndrew, who now teaches in Paris. Their impact on my growth and development is extraordinary and I am deeply grateful for their generosity.

I began to work in the New York theater and started working in film and television.  In 1980, I became the national on-the-air regular host for TELEFRANCE USA, a national cable network show devoted to French cultural programming. It paved the way to doing commercial work and voice overs. I also joined Screen Actors Guild that year.  

While pursuing an acting career and getting as much experience as possible, I also attended New York University film school and started coaching and directing. I also decided to study with famous dialect coach Alice Hermes and took on the difficult task to rid myself of my French accent in an effort to open my range as an actor. I moved to California in 1986 after landing a role on PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ, a pilot for CBS.  It opened the way to various roles in soaps, series, and movies and I continued a successful pursuit of commercial and voice-over work. I founded the Hollywood Actors Studio in 1989.  

Currently I am dedicated to making Hollywood Actors Studio one of the best places in Hollywood for actors to learn, hone and explore their craft.  The studio is a safe environment for artistic discoveries, growth and development.  

Multimedia Director-French Localization...RESUME Being bilingual and after attending New York University Film School, I began to accept various directing projects for stage, video and television.  More recently direct and do voices projects for the European markets. I would cast and localize in French, German & English.  Please view resume.  Currently I direct and cast voice sessions for Films and TV shows. I recently dubbed several movies "voicing" Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and Andy Garcia.

Acting coach:  Coaching came at a very important time in my life when I was not only searching for new avenues to express myself but needed to redefine myself in relationship to acting. The truth is that I never intended to teach acting, it pursued me. It started when I would get requests from actor friends to coach them for important roles they would be auditioning for and them booking those jobs: contracts on soap operas, films, etc. The Hollywood Actors Studio was born in 1989.  I have an enormous commitment to people being self-expressed. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ARTICLE

Acting, Self-expression, Public Speaking workshop leader. We started co-leading intensive weekend workshops in Santa Barbara, California.  This was so successful that it led us to establish a solid program of acting workshops in Southern California. The demand for high quality self-expression and public speaking coaching began to attract professionals from all walks of life and backgrounds.  We now teach a wide range of skills related to self-expression, self-confidence,  communication and public speaking.

We coach executives, lawyers, teachers, therapists, students, politicians, public speakers, producers, directors, and professionals of all types interested in breaking new ground and expanding on already acquired skills.

Eric Stone is the author of several publications and articles on the craft of acting.  All works are available and can be ordered from this website.

'How To Get Started In Acting'
Everything the actor needs to know to start an acting career.

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